Cellulike Tanzania Limited

Cellulike Tanzania Limited is an award winning for-profit social enterprise.

We build innovative digital supply chain solutions to tackle most difficult logistics challenges in the remotest geographies of the world.

Our solutions work through the most basic of mobile phone technology to help digitize low income communities in the effort to provide life-changing services: energy, water & healthcare.

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Our Pay-As-You-Go micro-grid solar distribution solution currently supports over 200,000 users across Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania & Uganda.

Over 7,000 village solar agents access our platform as a tool-of-trade to serve micro-grid solar customers, putting them in sustainable (self) employment while making a difference within their own communities.

We’re bringing all villages of the world under ‘one network’ of digital logistics services in collaboration with key mobile phone companies to achieve visibility of/for everyone, service delivery & transaction data integrity